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 LR head tail game (www.luckylancer.com)

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LR head tail game (www.luckylancer.com) Empty
PostSubject: LR head tail game (www.luckylancer.com)   LR head tail game (www.luckylancer.com) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 27, 2010 4:35 pm

LR Head Tail Game - Play by Liberty Reserve Your winning will be paid instantly after each game finish. Choose whether the next coin flipped return head or tail!
Place your bet and you can win 200 % of your spend if your bet is right!

So, what does u think the next coin flipped will be?

Game 1 : Heads or Tails , Just guess the coin flip result, Head or Tail.
Winning paid 210% instant to the account you spend.

Game 2 : Slot , Place your bet and you can win upto 800 % instant to the Liberty Reserve account you spend.

Deposit & payout instant by Liberty Reserve & PM , Min Play $0.1.
payment proof

Website Link : www(dot)LuckyLancer(dot)com

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LR head tail game (www.luckylancer.com) Empty
PostSubject: Re: LR head tail game (www.luckylancer.com)   LR head tail game (www.luckylancer.com) Icon_minitimeWed Oct 06, 2010 7:32 pm

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LR head tail game (www.luckylancer.com)
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