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 Herbal Remedies For Emphysema

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PostSubject: Herbal Remedies For Emphysema   Herbal Remedies For Emphysema Icon_minitimeWed Aug 07, 2013 4:43 am

What is Emphysema?
Emphysema is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which is the most common lung disease of all times. It is a long-standing and advanced disease of the lungs that results in the shortness of breath in patients suffering from it. What happens in this case is over-inflation of the alveoli known as air sacs on the lungs causing the lungs to expand than their usual size. In this disease the lung tissues that are responsible for the transportation of oxygen and carbon di oxide are compromised and demolished. Airflow on the exhalation is slowed down in patient suffering from this disease. The lungs start looking like an old sponge with even larger holes and loss of elasticity also occurs during the course of this disorder. This disease is considered fatal and the group that it falls in is the 4th foremost cause of death in humans.
How is it caused?
There are a number of causes which significantly affect the functioning of the lungs and leads to this lung disease. These causes are quite a few in numbers some of which are cigarette smoking, exposure to harmful gases or fuels at factories, exposure to second hand smoke or pollution and often times it is caused due to cooking in the fire without proper ventilation. The immune cells in the lungs which are responsible for preventing and fighting infection are also considered the major cause of the occurrence of this disease because they get impaired due to excessive cigarette smoking. Abnormal airway reactivity, air pollution and aging these are also some of the eminent causes of Emphysema.
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Herbal Remedies For Emphysema
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